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Introduction: Ecology, Power, and Imperialism<BR>PART I: A World of Goods: The Ecology of Colonial Extraction<BR>1. The Ecology of Cotton: Environment, Labour, and Empire<BR>2. Bittersweet Harvest: The Colonial Cocoa Boom and the Tropical Forest Frontier<BR>3. Colonialism, Rubber, and the Rainforest<BR>4. Subterranean Frontier: Tin Mining, Empire, and Environment in Southeast Asia<BR>5. Peripheral Centres: Copper Mining and Colonized Environments in Central Africa<BR>6. Oil, Empire, and Environment<BR>PART II: Conservation, Improvement, and Environmental Management in the Colonies<BR>7. Tropical Nature in Trust: The Politics of Colonial Conservation<BR>8. Forests, Ecology, and Power in the Tropical Colonies<BR>9. Cultivating the Colonies: Agriculture, Development, and Environment<BR>PART III: Acceleration, Decline, and Aftermath<BR>10. Progress and Hubris: The Political Ecology of Late Colonial Development<BR>11. Beyond Colonialism: Tropical Environments and the Legacies of Empire<BR>Conclusion<BR>