Nicolas Hulot (born April 30, 1955 in Lille, France ? Officier of the Légion d'honneur, Chevalier des Arts et Lettres) is the founder and president of the Fondation Nicolas-Hulot, an environmental group first created in 1990.<BR><BR>He is well known in France for his documentary show "Ushuaïa" which focuses on nature and the environment. In his documentaries, he draws attention to environmental damage caused by humans and changes that need to be made to protect the planet.<BR><BR>His popularity has provided him with some influence in the French political debate. In 2007 he forced five of the major candidates to the French Presidential Election (including Nicolas Sarkozy) to sign an agreement which stated that the environmental crisis would have to become a high governmental priority.<BR><BR>Nicolas Hulot was candidate in the Europe Écologie-The Greens primary for the French Presidential Election in 2012. He lost to Eva Joly.<BR><BR>Wikipedia

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