Professor McCarthy?s research and teaching interests include: Collective Behavior and Social Movements; Policing of the Public Order; Formal Organizations; and Mass Media Processes. In recent years he has been a Principal Investigator of projects on: Local Poor Empowerment Community Organizations (with Ed Walker); Media Coverage of Washington, D. C. Protest Gatherings; The Evolution of Public Protest in the U.S., 1960-1995 (with Sarah Soule, Susan Olzak and Doug McAdam); The Evolution of Social Movement Organizations in the U.S., 1959-2002 (with Frank Baumgartner); and Public Order Disturbances on College and University Campuses during the past decade (with Pat Rafail, Ed Walker, Andrew Martin and Clark McPhail). He is presently co-directing (with Chris Scheitle) a National Science Foundation funded project on ?Spiritual Entrepreneurialism.?<BR><BR>

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