François Schneider is an industrial ecologist and degrowth researcher working with the Association research & Degrowth, He worked on the development of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology at the INSA engineering school in Lyon and at the CML in Holland. Organising the first conference on allocation in LCA at Leiden, Holland, he finished his PhD on allocation problems in cascade systems in 1996. He initiated in Lyon in 1997 the first Toward Carfree Cities Conference, He worked on material flow of carbon or aggregated material at the Institute for Industrial Ecology in Austria. He contributed to SERI,, development in Vienna, working on rebound effect, transport issues, sustainable consumption and regional flows. He worked at the INETI in Lisbon,, Portugal on product-service systems and material/water indicators in regions. Since 2001, he is active in the development of the degrowth concept and debate in France and Europe. Founding the research group Research and Degrowth in 2006, he initiated and organised the first scientific conference on degrowth for Sustainability and Equity in Paris in 2008. <BR><BR>,Schneider

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