Anthony D. Williams is a leading authority on collaborative innovation and co-author (with Don Tapscott) of the groundbreaking bestseller Wikinomics and its follow-up MacroWikinomics: New Solutions for a Connected Planet (Portfolio 2010).<BR><BR>Anthony is currently a visiting fellow with the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto and a senior fellow for innovation with the Lisbon Council in Brussels. He is also the Program Chair for the 18th World Congress on Information Technology in Montreal, the IT industry?s premiere global conference on the digital society.<BR><BR>Among other appointments, Anthony is the chief advisor to Brazil?s Free Education Project, a national strategy to equip 2 million young Brazilians with the skills required for a 21st Century workforce. He is a committee member of the National Research Council?s Committee on Science for the EPA?s Future. He is also an advisor to GovLoop, the world?s largest social network for government innovators and a founding fellow of the OpenForum Academy, a global research initiative focused on understanding the impact of open standards and open source on business and society.<BR><BR>As a senior fellow at nGenera Insight, Anthony previously founded and led the world?s definitive investigation into the impact of Web 2.0 and wikinomics on the future of governance and democracy. His work has been featured in such publications as the Huffington Post, BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review and the Globe and Mail. He has advised Fortune 500 firms, government agencies and international institutions, including the World Bank. Anthony holds a Masters in Research in Political Science from the London School of Economics and lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.<BR>

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