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Fecha edición:01/02/2018
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Libro de la Distribuidora Traficantes de Sueños

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Impossible Glossary is an editorial project by hablarenarte, accompanying the CAPP project until 2018. The compendium of this digital edition of 2016 is comprised of seven independent chapters, available for online and as pdf, in English and in Spanish.

In Spain there is still does not exist a theoretical framework around collaborative artist practices such as it has developed in the Anglo-Saxon context. But in recent years, Spanish practitioners and academics have started creating a discursive body that derives mainly out and artistic, social and activist practice itself and which is strongly influenced by a political awakening of citizenship.

But as the theory derives out of the practice, there is however a discursive interference resulting in a covert cacophony: it seems as if we are talking about the same when debating about "collaborative artistic practices", but actually we do not understand each other. Our contribution to this incipient debate is to provide a vision of this heterogeneity of views and opinions, but structuring the discussion through a set of terms we have identified as key.

Once established this framework, we have worked for this edition of 2016 of the Impossible Glossary with 8 authors on the key concepts agents, autonomy, authorship, collaboration, work, return and context. In addition, and together with Ana Garcia Alarcon, we conducted 14 interviews with artists and artistic collectives about the same key words. This material forms the basis of the compendium that will accompany the CAPP project until 2018, expanding continuously with new voices and unusual views.