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Star is a book about art. A book about appropiation and public domain. About brand, identity and copyright. It is a book about money. Still and nevertheless ?nevertheless? it is a book with a soul, where children play and run about in their sunday clothes. A book that raises to some cloudy sacred place where only the blessed dwell.

In 2013 Nacho García broke the boundaries of his own domestic look into the world with Pulir, a hazardous tour de force against dull fixed parameters of art books and comics. Knowing ?maybe not knowing? he had already walked the path from memes and bedroom epistemology by challenging the trivia stereotypes of the quirk and the mundane, his new book is a heartfelt statement about the politics of raw abstract truisms and platitudes of art. Everyday life, money, celebrities, internet are art forms here, just as hellfire and custom metal logos, becoming res nullius, res communes, res publicae and res universitatis while over two hundred ideas made in heaven find their way into corporeality, proving that if it can be written in Arial, then it's REAL.



NACHO GARCÍA (Logroño, 1987) es autor de los libros de arte ?Pulir? (2013) y ?Star? (2019), ambos publicados por Fulgencio Pimentel. Ha participado en numerosas antologías, exhibiciones, fanzines, revistas y artefactos de diversa índole. Es docente en el Instituto Europeo de Diseño de Madrid.