Música, vida nocturna y disidencia urbana
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28/05/2013 - 17:30

Traficantes de Sueños

INTRODUCE: Camila Monasterio e Irene G. Rubio

PALABRAS CLAVE: club, concierto, racismo, voz, lesbianismo, negritud, música de mujeres, pasión, melodía, violencia.

PLAYLIST de la sesión

  1. Ma Rainey. (1920) Prove it on me blues
  2. Ida Cox: “Four day creep”
  3. Ida Cox, Bessie Smith: “Wild women don't get the blues “
  4. Bessie Smith. Young woman blues
  5. Bessie Smith
  6. Memphis Minnie: Hodoo Lady Blues (1933)
  7. Lucille Bogan BD’s women (1935)
  8. Comin' a time, B.D. women ain't gonna need no men
  9. Oh they way treat us is a lowdown and dirty sin
  10. B.D. women, you know they work and make their dough
  11. And when they get ready to spend it, they know they have to go
  12. Billie Holiday: “Strange Fruit” (1939)
  13. Fine and mellow
  14. God bless the child
  15. Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  16. Big Mama Thornton. HOundog (1952)
  17. Ruth Brown
  18. Eartha Kitt: “I wanna be evil” (1953)
  19. Josephine Baker Don't touch my tomatoes (1959)
  20. Mary Lou Williams: Roll Em (1944)
  21. Nina Simone: “Mississippi Goddam” (1963)
  22. “Four women”
  23. “Young, gifted and black”
  24. Odetta: waterboy(1959)
  25. Abbey Lincoln: driva man (1964)
  26. Aretha Franklin: “Respect” (1967)
  27. Koko Taylor: Im woman
  28. Beverly : "Guitar Watkins"
  29. Gaye Adegbalola y las Saffire - Uppity Blues Women: Big ovaries, baby
  30. Katie Webster


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