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Seminal essays on loneliness, living in New York, friendship, feminism, and writing from nonfiction master Vivian Gornick

Vivian Gornick's Approaching Eye Level is a brave collection of personal essays that finds a quintessentially contemporary woman (urban, single, feminist) trying to observe herself and the world without sentiment, cynicism, or nostalgia. Whether walking along the streets of New York or teaching writing at a university, Gornick is a woman exploring her need for conversation and connection--with men and women, colleagues and strangers. She recalls her stint as a waitress in the Catskills and a failed friendship with an older woman and mentor, and reconsiders her experiences in the feminist movement, while living alone, and in marriage.

Turning her trademark sharp eye on herself, Gornick works to see her part in things--how she has both welcomed and avoided contact, and how these attempts at connections have enlivened and, at times, defeated her. First published in 1996, Approaching Eye Level is an unrelentingly honest collection of essays that finds Gornick at her best, reminding us that we can come to know ourselves only by engaging fully with the world.



Vivian Gornick (1935) nació y creció en el Bronx. Tras estudiar en la universidad, comenzó a escribir en el Village Voice ?donde empezó a darle voz al movimiento feminista hasta convertirse en una de las voces más reconocibles de los Estados Unidos en este campo?, y, posteriormente, en medios como The New York Times o The Nation. Es autora de un buen número de ensayos, textos críticos, periodísticos y memorias, siempre desde una clara perspectiva de género, que ha sido su rasgo clave como periodista y escritora.