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Definitely a book worth reading, regardless of the labels of normalcy you've pasted up to yourself or grown accustomed to letting others do the nasty gluing for you.--Bookslut

The divide is growing between the pro-military, pro-police, marriage-seeking gay and lesbian rights politics we see in the headlines every day and the grassroots racial and economic justice centered queer and trans resistance that fights to end prisons, borders, war and poverty. Queering Anarchism a vital contribution in this moment, providing analysis and strategies for building the queer and trans politics we want and need. --Dean Spade, Normal Life

"A much-needed collection that thinks through power, desire, and human liberation. These pieces are sure to raise the level of debate about sexuality, gender, and the ways that they tie in with struggles against our ruling institutions."--Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Outlaw Woman

"Against the austerity of straight politics, Queering Anarchism sketches the connections between gender mutiny, queer sexualities, and anti-authoritarian desires. Through embodied histories and incendiary critique, the contributors gathered here show how we must not stop at smashing the state; rather normativity itself is the enemy of all radical possibility."--Eric A. Stanley, co-editor of Captive Genders

What does it mean to queer the world around us? How does the radical refusal of the mainstream codification of GLBT identity as a new gender norm come into focus in the context of anarchist theory and practice? How do our notions of orientation inform our politics?and vice versa? Queering Anarchism brings together a diverse set of writings ranging from the deeply theoretical to the playfully personal that explore the possibilities of the concept of queering, turning the dominant, and largely heteronormative, structures of belief and identity entirely inside out. Ranging in topic from the economy to disability, politics, social structures, sexual practice, interpersonal relationships, and beyond, the authors here suggest that queering might be more than a set of personal preferences?pointing toward the possibility of an entirely new way of viewing the world.

Contributors Include: Ryan Conrad, Sally Darity, Jamie Heckert, Farhang Rouhani, Jerimarie Liesegang, Benjamin Shepard, Gayge Operaista, CRAC Collective, Stephanie Grohmann, Sandra Jeppesen, Susan Song, Diana C. S. Becerra, Jason Lydon, Liat Ben-Moshe, Anthony J. Nocella, II, AJ Withers, Saffo Papantonopoulou, and Hexe.

Deric Shannon, C.B. Daring, J. Rogue, and Abbey Volcano are anarchists and activists who work in a wide variety of radical, feminist, and queer communities across the United States.

Table of Contents

1. Preface, Martha Ackelsberg

2. Introduction, Christa B. Daring, J. Rogue, Deric Shannon, Abbey Volcano

3. Anarchy without Opposition, Jamie Heckert

4. Queering Heterosexuality, Sandra Jeppesen

5. Queering Class Struggle, Gayge Freyjasbarn

6. Outsider Identities & Creating Queer Spaces, Farhang Rouhani

7. Pleasure Affirmation & ACT UP, Ben Shepard

8. Straightness Must be Destroyed, Saffo

9. Gay Marriage and Queer Love, Ryan Conrad

10. Tyranny of the State and Trans Liberation, Jerimarie Liesegang

11. Tearing Down the Walls: Queerness, Anarchism and the Prison Industrial Complex, Jason Lydon

12. A Diversity of Sex Tactics Part 1, CRAC collective

13. Police at the Borders, Abbey Volcano

14. Queer-Cripping Anarchism: Intersections and Reflections on Anarchism, Queerness, and Disability, Liat Ben-Moshe, Anthony J. Nocella, II and AJ Withers

15. Queering the Economy, Stephanie Grohmann

16. Queering our Analysis of Sex Work, C. B. Daring

17. Gender Sabotage, Sally Darity

18. BDSM and Anarchism, Hexe

19. Sex and the City: Hegemony and the Sexual Order, Isabel de la Calle

21. Polyamory and Queer Anarchism: Infinite Possibilities for Resistance, Susan Song