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A memoir of ideas and perceptions, Bone Back shows the unfolding of female creativity and one strong-spirited child's journey toward becoming a writer. She learns early on the roles women and men play in society, as well as the impotence of children, especially black female children. She sheds new light on a society that beholds the joys of marriage for men and condemns anything more than silence for women. In this world, too, black is a woman's color - worn when earned - daughters and daddy are strangers under the same roof, and crying children are often given something to cry about. In school, hooks sees that integration most resembles corralling, with black children herded, prodded, and pushed like cattle. And the learning agenda is to teach these children to forget their history and the injustices done to them and to embrace the ways of white folk. hooks finds comfort in solitude, good company in books. She also discovers, in the motionless body of misunderstanding, that writing is the most vital breath. She is taught by an elder that quilting is the way a woman learns patience. And hooks's patience, coupled with the insight and bravery that readers have come to expect from her, is rewarded with the strength to keep in touch with the wounded parts of herself and to grow beyond the scars by stretching the confines of history, tradition, and family to encompass her expansive spirit.



Con el nombre de Gloria Jean Watkins, bell hooks nació en 1952 en Kentucky (Estados Unidos). Prolífica escritora y activista feminista negra, su trabajo ha estado siempre presidido por el estudio y la crítica de la interseccionalidad de género, raza y clase. Obras suyas son Ain't I a Woman? Black Women and Feminism (1981), Yearning: Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics (1990), Where we stand: class matters (2000) o Writing beyond race: living theory and practice (2013). Read more about HOOKS, BELL

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